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Harib Ezaldein MD FAAD

Harib Ezaldein MD FAAD

Dr. Harib Ezaldein is a dermatologist and Mohs micrographic surgeon with double board certification, specializing in the treatment of high -risk skin cancers and reconstruction. He received extensive training and apprenticeship in Santa Monica, CA under the tutelage of internationally recognized Mohs surgeon, Dr. Richard G Bennett. Under his mentorship, Dr Ezaldein adopted a meticulous practice style with emphasis on achieving the best possible outcomes for his patients.

Dr. Ezaldein's expertise lies in the surgical treatment of skin cancers, including squamous and basal cell carcinomas, melanomas, merkel cell carcinomas, cutaneous sarcomas, and rare skin tumors in higher risk anatomical areas, such as the nose, eyelids, lips, ears, fingers, and other cosmetically-sensitive regions. He also specializes in skin reconstruction after Mohs surgery, with a keen eye for detail, ensuring every stitch is placed perfectly.


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