Debra Price MD PA Board Certified Dermatologist


I hope you know how excited I was to be able to come to see you last week, not only do you make us, your patients, look good but you also give us the confidence to go out each morning knowing that we look as good as possible with just a touch of your hand.

As I said that day to you, you are an amazing woman. You think of others constantly, I always hear you up and down the hallway when I am waiting for you to enter my room, telling your patients all kinds of things to make them smile and the way you treat your staff. You will never know how much I appreciate all of the help that you gave me that day. I myself am embarrassed that I could not pay for all of the procedures that you gave to me, but that day will come. This act of kindness made my day and I can never repay your generosity or thoughtfulness. I know that you are always that way with your patients but honestly you went way beyond the call for me that day, just imagine, I now have some ear lobes, something I never thought could happen again.

This note does not touch the surface of my gratitude to you but I did not want another day to go by without thanking you for being the kind of doctor and person you are. You are what God wants all of us to be, kind to people we meet and thoughtful and generous with your work and time. You are fantastic. Please know how grateful I am and feel blessed to know you.

Ann Bovard – Dr Price
- Ann B

Just to thank you personally for your great talent, your knowledge and your skill. You are a wonderful, truthful practitioner of your “art” of medicine.

Thank you for helping me to look my best while still looking like “me”. The scar above my mouth is much less noticeable now and not the 1st thing I see when I look in the mirror.

I trust your judgment and advice.

June – Dr Price
- June

When I first came to see you many years ago, I told you that I wanted my skin to look good enough to be comfortable to not have to always wear makeup. I’ve achieved that. But this is a thank you for giving me skin that I’m always complimented on. It’s amazing that all the $$ invested in your office really do pay off.

Yesterday I had a “Ladies afternoon” and I had 5 separate compliments - “Glowing”, “Radiant”, “Beautiful”, all over the course of the afternoon.

So thanks for helping me age well - for keeping my skin so great!

Here’s a valentine to my great dermatologist.

Cherie Weinstein – Dr Price
- Cherie W

You always know what I like for my lips. Thank you for making me so pretty. Thank you for always spending so much time on me. Sometimes it is hard to wait for you. I will wait for you as long as I have to. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you for making me look better.

Gerri Emkey – Dr Price
- Gerri E

I want to thank you for keeping the word natural in beauty. I have never received so many comments about how "great" I look. You run a state-of-the-art medical office and I cannot thank you enough for making me feel so good about myself.

Thank you

- Jane

I wanted to thank you again for your transformation of my sister. She looks ten years younger. Thank goodness you are in my life!

- Toni

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