Debra Price MD PA Board Certified Dermatologist

Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement is a non-invasive procedure in which a filler substance is injected into the lip to restore volume or enhance the shape or contour of the lip. Lip enhancement can also be performed to correct asymmetry resulting from aging, trauma or surgery. Debra Price MD and the physicians at Debra Price MD PA specialize in natural lip enhancement for older individuals with aged lips and younger individuals who desire fuller more sensual lips.

What causes lip aging?

Full, well defined lips are associated with youth and beauty. Unfortunately as we age our lips thin and become deflated, dry and wrinkled. With time the upper lip lengthens, lines often develop above and around the lips and the corners of the mouth turn downward. Genetics, sun exposure, gender and smoking contribute to aging of the lips. Perioral wrinkling or lines around the lips are accentuated in women and individuals who smoke or who have had excessive sun exposure.

The Perfect Lip

The ideal lip is smooth, symmetrical, soft and plump. The youthful lip border is sharp with the volume of the lip greater in the middle and tapering laterally. The lower lip is fuller than the upper lip with a natural dumbbell undulation.

Lip Enhancement with Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic acid based fillers and specifically Juvederm XC is our treatment of choice for lip augmentation and rejuvenation. Dr. Price prefers Juvederm XC because it imparts a smooth and natural correction and feel. It also contains a local anesthetic to enhance comfort during injection. In addition, because hyaluronic acid attracts moisture, applying a moisturizer or lip gloss daily following lip enhancement with hyaluronic acid fillers can further augment results.

What causes some people to develop duck lips following filler injections?

Unnatural and unattractive duck or sausage lips are the result of over inflation of the lips with filler, without attention to ideal lip proportions. To obtain a natural lip enhancement, it is important to choose an experienced physician who understands the aesthetics of the ideal lip.

Are there any contraindications or precautions prior to lip enhancement with fillers?

If you are healthy and are not taking blood thinners or medications that decrease your immunity, you may be a candidate for lip enhancement. Pregnant patients and patients who are breastfeeding or have a history of keloids or severe allergies are not candidates for lip enhancement with fillers. If you have a history of recurrent herpes simplex outbreaks on the lips, your physician will prescribe an antiviral medication prior to and following lip enhancement to prevent an outbreak.

What are the risks of lip enhancement with hyaluronic acid fillers?

To minimize risks of injection of hyaluronic acid fillers for lip enhancement it is important to choose a physician who is experienced in the use of fillers for lip enhancement. Potential risks of lip enhancement with hyaluronic acid fillers include pain, bruising, swelling, bumps, herpes outbreak, infection, ulceration, scarring, allergic reaction and nerve injury. While lip enhancement with hyaluronic acid fillers is commonly performed, the safety and effectiveness of hyaluronic acid fillers for lip enhancement has not been established in controlled studies.

Is there anything else that can be done for the deep lines that run from the corners of my mouth to my jowl?

If fillers are not adequate to correct deep marionette lines that run from the corners of your mouth to your jowl, your physician may inject Botox to relax the muscles pulling the corner of your lips downward.