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Dr. Price in the News

Dr. Debra Price is frequently sought out by media and consumer publications for her expertise on new developments in dermatology and dermatology topics of interest.

Castle Connolly Top Doctor
Honored to be selected as a Castle Connolly’s Top Doctors ® once again .

Miami Metro
Dr. Price was selected as one of the best dermatologists in Miami by her fellow physicians.

South Florida Magazine
Dr Price was selected as one the best dermatologists in South Florida by her peers.

Super Doctors
Dr Price was selected as one the best dermatologists in South Florida by her peers.

In this feature article, Sunscreen 101, Dr. Price discusses her favorite sunscreens.

Doctora Debra Price from Miami discusses the management of acne, and reminds us that acne is not just a skin condition of teenagers and young adults.

Miami dermatologist, Debra Price MD discusses the management of seborrhea or dandruff.

In an article on medical conditions that should alert you to seek consultation with a physician, Dr. Debra Price discusses the ABCD's of melanoma. More recently a fifth criteria E for evolving, a change in size, shape, color, border or symptoms such as itching, bleeding or crusting has been added. Dr. Debra Price strongly urges readers to seek consultation with a dermatologist if they develop a suspicious or changing mole.

In this article Miami dermatologist, Dr. Debra Price discusses the order in which to apply skin care products along with acne medications. She recommends applying your prescription acne lotion first, an oil control lotion to the T zone area if needed, followed by your moisturizer and last but most important, a broad spectrum sunblock.

Miami Metro
Dr. Price discusses the benefits of Botox for the treatment of excessive underarm sweating.

Cosmetic Dermatology
In this article co-authored by Dr. Debra Price she discusses her technique for injection of Botox for neck rejuvenation.

Doctora Debra Price de Miami discusses the benefits of microdermabrasion for the treatment of blotchy pigmentation, brown spots, fine lines and acne

Self Magazine
In the article, Should You Buy Cosmetics From Your Doctor, Dr. Debra Price discusses the differences between glycolic acid skin care products sold in stores and those sold in a dermatologist's office. Dr. Debra Price emphasizes that the percentage of alpha hydroxy acid in over the counter skin care products is insufficient to significantly impact most skin conditions. Higher percentage peels performed in a dermatologist's office for the treatment of acne, pigmentation problems and sun damaged skin are more effective. Dr. Debra Price also discusses the value of combining medical therapy with facials and peels to improve the appearance of the skin and hasten the resolution of acne lesions and blotchy pigmentation.

In this article Dr. Debra Price discusses the latest skin care ingredients and cosmetic dermatology treatments to improve the appearance of aged skin.

In this article Dr. Debra Price discusses the use of endermologie and more recently lipomassage to improve the appearance of cellulite.

W Magazine
Snip and Tell - Well known hair colorist, Johanna, prior owner of the Stella Salon and currently master colorist at Cutter salon in South Beach, recommends Dr. Debra Price for injection of Botox.

In the article, The Skin Savers, America's Best Dermatologists, Dr. Debra Price is listed as a cosmetic dermatologist in Miami who specializes in injecting Botox to elevate the brow, widen eyes and smooth neck folds.

Skin and Aging
In a roundtable discussion Debra Price MD and five other dermatologists discuss the use of emollients to moisturize and restore the skin barrier

Self Magazine
In The Magic of Moisturizers, an informative article on selecting a moisturizers for different skin types and conditions, Miami dermatologist Dr. Debra Price recommends that acne patients with excessively oily skin choose an oil free silicone based moisturizer.

In Greasy Face Fix, Miami dermatologist, Dr. Debra Price discusses the use of astringents to control oil. If you have clogged pores and acne prone skin she recommends choosing an astringent that contains salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid. If you have excessively oily skin, she also recommends that you use a clay or camphor facial mask once a week.

In this article on masks Dr. Debra Price discusses how to choose masks for patients with different skin types and acne prone skin.

Woman's World
In an article about what female dermatologists do to keep their skin youthful, Dr. Price touted the importance of using a broad spectrum sunscreen daily. Dr. Debra Price also reveals that she regularly exfoliates her skin and performs mild chemical peels to remove brown spots and brighten up the surface of her skin.

Doctors Home Remedies for Women
In this chapter on crows feet, Dr. Debra Price emphasizes that crows feet, often the earliest wrinkles to appear on the face, are not a sign of aging but rather a manifestation of excessive sun exposure. To prevent early wrinkling around the eyes, Dr. Price recommends applying a fragrance free sunscreen daily and wearing sunglasses and a broad brim hat.

Natural Prescriptions for Women
In a chapter on wrinkles, Dr. Debra Price says that sun exposure is the leading cause of premature wrinkling. She recommends protecting your skin from the sun and using sunscreen daily. 

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques
Between 2001- 2005 Dr. Debra Price wrote a monthly Dermatology Update column for this well known spa and aesthetics industry publication, covering a wide range of dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, skincare and laser surgery topics.